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Ingenieros en el techo solar

Committed to the Environment


At SG Apartments, we believe that sustainable tourism is possible. That's why we've implemented several improvements in our apartments to reduce our environmental footprint and offer you a greener stay.

During 2024 we will continue to make progress in reducing plastic and paper consumption.

Image by Mert Guller

Green energy


  • At SG Marina we have solar panels to heat the water and photovoltaic panels to generate renewable electricity to meet all the electrical needs required during the day.

  • We plan to install aerothermal systems.

  • We have eliminated natural gas


Image by Aaron Burden

Renewable energy


  • At SG Costa we have solar panels and photovoltaic panels to generate renewable electricity.

  • With the European Next Generation Funds we have installed 2 aerothermal systems at SG Costa that supply the energy to run the air conditioning and heat the water in the domestic hot water tanks.

  • We have eliminated the use of natural gas.

Image by Tobias Weinhold

Other Measures

  •  High efficiency LED lighting system.

  • Elimination of paper consumption during *check-in and *check-out with the incorporation of ipads at reception.

  • Plan to reduce disposable plastics in our flats by replacing single-use toiletries with larger, reusable bottles.

  • Planned introduction during 2024 of online mobile check-in to reduce card consumption.

Together, we can build a more sustainable future for all.

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